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We create web projects tailored to your brand and optimized for concrete results.

Our modern and efficient websites use the latest technologies to achieve outstanding results. Each project is like a tailored suit designed and developed to give value to your brand, highlight your strengths, and convert visitors into customers.

Cutting-edge websites customized to your goals

Your website is the heart of your digital identity: it needs to be dynamic, interactive and bring visitors back to engage with your brand.

At Planet Office, we pride ourselves on building custom websites that integrate your business needs into the back end to enable easy site management and create engaging content. Guided by your vision and experience, our development team will develop the custom features you need to achieve your goals.

Using the latest front-end technologies, we will create subtle animations and interactive elements to wow your audience without compromising functionality.

The result is a customized website that is fast, reliable, secure, and ready to scale with your business.


Planet Office develops websites with custom functionality to meet your needs. We take pride in coding back-end solutions that act as the unseen backbone of your website.


We use the latest technologies and rely on high-speed HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to deliver best-practice website code, often using a headless approach to the CMS.


We test, tweak and optimize websites to ensure the most seamless experience, regardless of the user’s device.


Our team’s technical expertise allows us to deliver high-performing websites that are fully optimized in line with SEO best practices.

Content & Functionality

Working with our creative team, we will find the natural breaking points within the content and prioritize functionality, eliminating unnecessary resources so that your site responds perfectly to different devices.

HTML, CSS & Javascript

We combine visual and technical skills in HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript to build seamless websites, regardless of the complexity of your needs or ambitions.

Design Collaboration

Our developers work closely with our creative design team from the beginning of the project, collaborating on ideas and solutions that fit your business’s and your audience’s needs.

What else?

For the entire length of your website development project, you will have complete visibility of our progress through a beta link. Once everything works like a charm, we will launch your site and remain available to provide exceptional customer support.


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